On the Question of Demand

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Many economists have been arguing that demand is a major contributor to our woes in the economy. I doubt that anxiety over the deficit or the myth of excessive government spending as so-called conservatives would have people believe has much to do with it.

The fallacies over the debt ceiling mount.

One response to “On the Question of Demand”

  1. Jeremy Jones says:

    I agree. I’d posit that lack of consumer confidence is much more related to unemployment, unstable workplaces, and erratic gasoline prices.

    But I think the politicians know that, but do nothing about it because: 1) they don’t have any solutions, and; 2) they’d rather use all that to their advantage in attempts to get reelected, because most of them don’t have the chops to get a real job.

    Perhaps cynical, but oh well.