Pacing in Hypertext

Brimmer and Death is being edited via its paths or two major narratives. I read and write following one narrative path, finish it, then go back and read/rewrite through the next, then I do it all over again (and over again). This means that at some point the editing pen is going to meet ground already covered but from a different frame of reference repeatedly. The map image below of a few text spaces represents how this editing technique can change the plot and the pace.

Picture 1.png

Define plot? I mean plot in its most general sense: causality as it matters to decisions. In a later section of the story, Brimmer has shacked up with Death and is going through an acclimation period in her “realm.” I felt that I had rushed through this section and really hadn’t set up the push toward the end, and thus had to add some scenes to slow things down, establish some grounding in the new digs, and ease Brimmer into some cause: how to get him out of a place he’s wanted to enter for quite some time.

Above, “Observation” used to link to “Windows.” The box titled “Plot” simply identifies for me where the new sub arc needed to begin. It ends with “Aches.” The pacing here matters to both narrative instances of the story.