Poetry Questions

Susan Gibb asks two questions in reference to the Moon post.

1) Are you writing it into Tinderbox rather than Storyspace? 2) Does the necessary manipulation of the hypertext process hinder or help with metaphor?

1. I’m writing it in Tinderbox. I’m not using guard fields in the writing, though this would be interesting. But as the poem will be published on the web, I want a simple export into html and then will do just a little bit of javascripting for some of the required effects.

2. If I’m understanding the second question, I’d claim that metaphor as intrinsic to the work will develop in different ways due to links. Links can be they’re own layer of metaphor. If light is a link, then light may have some sort of binding quality. But it is like chess, as you must be able to see several steps ahead into the work and keep the paths in mind, hence the use of adornments.