I don’t know why, but this bit from Dave Winer got the juices going.

Technology is a process, an evolution . . .

I don’t know about the Scoble part of the blog post, but this little sentence has significance beyond the original context.

Why did it get me thinking and about what? Well, poetry and prose storytelling, whose loads come via the deep technology of language of whatever flavor. Poetry “is a process, an evolution . . . ” This is an interesting teaser.

In another direction, people in education often judge technology as a cumbersome accumulation. “Oh, yet another technology I have to learn or add to the plate” and so forth down the road of dismissal or disuse, while the “process” proceeds into profitable areas of research, question, or creative accumulation and application and interesting changes to thinking. On relevant reason to “dismiss” technology is its cost. These are real in the economic ecology of the classroom and physical plants. We need to think differently about the money is spent in the context of research, question, and creative accumulation, and especially change to the institutional thought. Soon, this will be out of my hands somewhat, which is good, and the older pursuits where I can apply what I’ve learned over the last five years with begin to evolve.

My head is playing with enthymeme’s at the moment. If this then that.