Good carpenters know that before the saw hits the wood, the graphite has to hit (not good metaphor, says me) the grid paper. I’m building cabinets to fill in a space in the kitchen and drew the items to size, measured all the cuts, and have laid the cuts out onto virtual sheets. Do-it-yourself carpenters know that you can build a nice cabinet for $70 dollars or less and save 25 % off store quality and more if you’re into custom.

These, of course, are Plato’s cabinets. Cabinets that live in the realm of ideas. When they’re formed or during the actual building when you cut inside the mark that’s when you realize the imperfection of sight and hand and mind. Making things is scary. Buying from the shop is always easier. I now realize that this post is not about cabinets.

By the way, the congress people are making fools of themselves. Nothing like a good supreme court nominee proceeding to make this happen.

(Not good mixing posts, says me).

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