Proof and Possibility Series

From Jesse Abbot:

The giant of modern physics Niels Bohr purportedly once quipped that if one isn’t confused by quantum mechanics—sometimes called QM for short—one doesn’t really understand it.

One of the world’s leading philosophers of science, Dr. Barry Loewer, is coming to Tunxis on Thursday, February 19th at 7 p.m. to give kind of a narrative history of this vital area of science and paint the fascinating cast of characters who have acted as adventurers and pioneers in QM. Loewer chairs the philosophy department at Rutgers University, and is known internationally for the original directions he has taken what is called the “Many-Worlds Interpretation” of QM (first created by physicist Hugh Everett III).

Come on the 19th and enjoy the lecture as well as dinner and dessert. We’ll be honored if you can make it.

This is Part 2 for 2008-2009 of our regular Proof & Possibility lecture series in philosophy and the history of ideas.