Questions of Fairness and Common Sense

Rob Simmons in today’s Hartford Courant writes: “I’m told that up to 30 percent of state employees are eligible for retirement. If so, then a 30 percent across the board cut is not out of the question. Nor is it unfair. It is common sense.”

This comes in one the Courant’s more bizarre opinion sections, where Simmons and Lamont write about politics in the context of their experience and party affiliations.

The above opinion by Simmons grabbed my attention. It would be more than interesting if those eligible at the college retired because the result of such mass exodus would pretty much render the institution unable to fulfill its mission, which is difficult to do as it is at current staff levels, and the possibility of this slow diminution is actually not so far from reality. I’m cool on the sentiment Simmons makes, although the logic of attributing cuts to common sense is inaccurate. The question of pairing back on government is a serious one but it would involve major study into what aspects of government might be unnecessary or inefficient. That would cost money also.