Real Battles

Bob Kerry is making a fool of himself at the moment on Biill Moyers’ Journal. Worse, he seems out of touch with logical determinations of reality. That al Qaeda would be recruiting actively despite our involvement in Iraq is false justification for the inspiration now. Secondly, thinking the Iraq action a major blunder does not mean that one supports dictators (a fallacy of the false middle).

“What are we supposed to do, let dictators like that stay in place?” he asks. Please.
“What are we supposed to do, encourage middle class debt, dishealth, and shirk on present and future generations?”

The trillion spent and so many losses later, for what then?

The argument about whether to “stay the course” or “withdraw” is a simplistic dichotomy. “Course” is undefinable and “withdraw” does not describe the reality of the situation: withdraw from what? In my view, course, given the Iraq context, means perpetual: a “war on terror,” much like a war on stupidity, cannot end. In the case of withdrawal, we have a dark and troubling comedy. In the case of a gigantic misstep, it’s a little odd to destroy and then say “Oops, see ya” in the place of the “administration” who committed the destruction in the first place and who will not be the one to say “oops” at all. Solve the problem: perhaps a competent government could figure it out.

The real battle is for the heart of government in this country, a battle the democrats have already lost, as far as I’m concerned.