Reporting Cupcakes

Susan Gibb sends along this report on principals and cupcakes. But I wonder about the reportage. There’s a huge hole in the middle:

The controversy began when Frank Carbino delivered the goodies to the school May 6, intending to bring them to his daughter’s class for her birthday. He said he got as far as the school office when a secretary told him to leave the sweets on the counter for his daughter to pick up and bring back to her class.

Carbino said he protested, saying his wife had cleared the birthday plans with the teacher the day before. He then spoke with D’Amico, who told him school policy prohibited parents from personally delivering birthday cakes or treats.

“All I’ve wanted to do was just clear my name of the whole thing,” Carbino said. “It’s more of an integrity thing.”

None of this is being explained. The day has been full of weird reports. But I’m only able to guess who is representing stories with clear, coherent, and honest method.

First get us interested, explain thoroughly, and then make it matter to something.

Sen McCain do you have a cold? asks the reporter.

Yes, we are masters of the universe.

Here’s one conclusion: we need better case law on speech in digital contexts.