Shades of Grey and Other Entertainment Adventures

I’ve been having issues with E.L. James’s novel Fifty Shades of Grey. I’ve been cheating with it, that is, skipping even the juicy parts. I fear that I’ll miss the pay off, as this is foreshadowed in the Steele/Grey interaction. I’m afraid I’ll be leaving it at about 40 some odd percent on the Kindle. Maybe I’ll finger through it at moments of boredom.

We also finished the final House episode. The story goes semi-full circle with the “I can change” bit. It was okay. I found the hour lead up somewhat silly and bothersome. It strikes me that both stories are odd externalizations, the first a throwback, the second, a sort of strange, myopic self-indulgence that doesn’t know when to end itself. Maybe there’s a point to that.

I have no issue with the first as a potentially political book. I find it dull and syntactically, contextually vapid.