Spazeboy on VBing

Spazeboy has published his Guide to Political Video Blogging.

There are a few reasons why I undertook this project:

* Videoblogging is a powerful way to document local government

Take, for example, MattW’s video of a recent Energy Policy Forum featuring State Representative Steve Fontana. Not everyone could attend that meeting, or knew that it was taking place, but because Matt filmed it and published it online, we all benefit.
* Videoblogging provides a way to hold our leaders accountable

Look no further than Connecticut Bob’s October 6, 2006 encounter with Senator Lieberman. Bob asked about Lieberman’s use of the words “partisan frenzy” and Lieberman denied it. Not only that, Lieberman went one step further, saying that in fact those were Ned Lamont’s words. All Bob had to do was splice in the 3 seconds of video from the day prior wherein Lieberman says “partisan frenzy” and the case was closed.
* There’s a need for this kind of a guide

There are many tutorials and guides on the web that teach you how to do this or that with your video camera or editing software, but I was unable to find any guide that addressed the needs of the political videoblogger from gearing up to uploading.

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