spring teaching

This semester I’ll be running through freshman composition, Modern British Literature, Creative Writing and an online Intro to Literature course. The materials for the first three should be going up on the lettuce head website beginning next week. I’m considering linking a CW course syllabus to the Narratives weblog, but we’ll see. Students should have access to the online lit material by the end of next week, the 23rd of January.

The semester should also be covering prep for Neha and co’s. writing conference, interacting with the Narratives group, prepping for the summer IF course (and summer teaching), finalizing issues having to do with New Media Communication (and teaching in the Fall), such as a website and courting the professional community, academic duties related to the college and the department, the composition portfolio initiative, and completing the hypertext novel, which I never don’t whether I am in or out of at the moment. There’s a lot to do. Lots to keep up with.

Plus, it’s too darned cold. I’m not made fro this weather. I can deal with twenty and teens, but below zero is just too much. Someone turn up the outdoor heat, will ya!

2 thoughts on “spring teaching

  1. Neha

    Good grief!I agree! I’m going back to live in the mid-east with the 120 degrees, thankyouverymuch. Rolling around in the sand is much much better. Also, could I possibly come back and sit in for one of your Brit Lit classes? *Grin*

  2. Rina

    It’s a balmy 27degrees today!Yippee!I’m house and dog sitting in your neck of the woods…life’s hard out here! I feel like I’m back in Sicily.I’m tired of tending to the fire…are sparks occassionally supposed to shoot out of the chimney?It’s kinda freaking me out.And I never had to deal with frozen pipes before. Who knew you’re supposed to leave warm water drizzling from the faucet?My friends are under the impression that I’ll have their dogs trained for them when they return…truth is, this one year old boxer and 6 month old Dogo Argentine have had me in an intensive conditioning program. I feel like a pigeon in the Skinner box.My only ally is Lulu the cat.I hope my friends happened to pick up a new couch and box spring in Costa Rica.Egads.

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