Story Project

In order to prep for the summer project, I’m writing quick narratives and adding them to the mediaplay website. These are quickly written stories with little editing to bog down their progress, maybe some fixes to missing articles and the like. But the idea is not to edit but study problems, characters, plots and, most importantly, middles, with as little “rational bumbling” to get in the way. The Professor took about twenty minutes with John watching, while the new media students working during lab time. The problem overcome with The Professor was to figure out

1. Why the professor left the test
2. What he would do after leaving
3. What to purchase at the hardware store
4. To add wood frames to the door so that the nailgun would be reasonable

The Dream took about ten minutes and The Room little more than ten. The Dream was a question of what to leave out. The Room turned out to be a parody of Interactive Fiction and a reference to John’s “Castle of he Red Key” exercise. The Rat was one of those quick writes in bed.

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