Strawberry Eyes

I have an adornment called Strawberry Eyes. This title references a line in a cluster of stanzas that captures the flavor of that cluster and distinguishes it from four others. Sometimes the clusters link, sometimes not to other clusters. Each of these clusters sheds a different light on the context of the poem, but this is, at the moment, only a visual apparatus, a means of keeping track of poetic narrative.

Sense should develop in each cluster as any poem might, specific detail gravitating toward the nut or idea at the heart or joint of something.

Oddly enough, there may be some morphological rhythm to work with. Like forests or something lost. In terms of something lost, you may remember a toy or an opportunity that still nags at you. You may remember a moment in the woods where everything worked. To regrasp all this, you might go for consonant gain or grays, blacks, shadow snags, lampless unsteadiness. Like trips down darkened stairs.