Student Writing and Games

Gamasutra is asking for student writing

As part of its expanding video game student-related coverage, which will be featured on the Gamasutra education homepage, the editors of Gamasutra are looking for new features written for and about video game educators and students.

Some of the topics that we are particularly looking for in order to expand the student section of Gamasutra include:

– A ‘Day In The Life’ article, chronicling a typical day in the existence of a video game student or educator, in a similar style to recent articles in the main Gamasutra feature area. We are particularly keen to run these regularly.

– Postmortems of student games, describing the ‘What Went Right’ and ‘What Went Wrong’ of creating them.

– Soapbox-style opinion articles that are specifically related to game education or student-related concepts.

– Instructional articles on the best ways to teach game development with regard to teaching or tool approach (preferably presented as a comparative search, rather than promoting one particular institution.)