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The Iraq Study Group’s report, in my view, confirms what has been obvious (is this really confirmation):

1. That this “administration” has been building its own reality for many years now, acting in a space of subversion and cynicism

2. We have a deep hole in our national conversation, an emptiness of light

Number 2 needs some elaboration, since number one is just a fancy way of writing “lie.” We live in a time of rss, tags, and artificial super data. Even as I can read American and Spanish newspapers, images and messages can still be warped, as we saw in the latest CT elections, where false positions could be reported as perceived truth. For example, a line like this is fairly prominent these days: “Today the president responded to” blah blah blah “by declaring” blah blah blah. This is not watchdogging, nor is it practical. Research is not about “reporting” findings. It’s about the findings. It’s also about the how

White House reaction to the report will be predictable. The predictable will be reported and taken seriously.

We’ve known about this mess for a long time and it’s heartbreaking that the “Gee Wiz” will sound so professional. On scene reporters in Iraq have shown the frantic and horrific. Cut to smiles and the light side of the news.

In our military ranks there are teachers, parents, and engineers. They should be teaching, parenting, and engineering. And they should be given the space to do so. They deserve better than what they’ve been getting.

7 thoughts on “Study Group

  1. Josh

    Why does the left keep perceiving that the troops are in Iraq against their will? There is no draft.. these men and women are part of a 100% volunteer Armed Forces. They are teaching, parenting, and engineering in a way that they have freely chosen. And they need to be supported in that.

    I’m also confused that the left is more willing to accept a “study report” of politicians and journalists over that of military leaders. A ranking General in Iraq called Rush Limbaugh’s show last Friday and spoke clearly and in detail on several of the issues that fill our newspaper daily, and especially lamented how the media continues to report all of the bad and none of the good coming out of that country. We all know from the two-week Michael J Fox bruhaha that the media listens to Rush’s show.. why didn’t they report on the General’s comments?

  2. Steve Post author

    “Why does the left keep perceiving that the troops are in Iraq against their will?”

    I’ve never heard this.

    Eaton and Batiste are military leaders, Josh.

  3. Josh

    Hm.. well if the left didn’t believe the trooops were there against their will, why be so insistent to bring them home?

    I don’t know much about Eaton, but Batiste has an agenda against Rumsfeld, which makes him a tainted source. The whole report is one big agenda, and against Rumsfeld in particular. I’m not exactly fanatical about the guy like some conservatives are, but give me a break.

    What GOOD exactly does the report do for the war? Other than the same old criticisms we’ve been hearing from the media, the best the “study” group can suggest is to leave Iraq to Syria and Iran(?!?!), and (of course) do it asap.. And I am supposed to take this thing seriously based on those recommendations?

  4. Steve Post author


    The military is not a democracy. In service, you do what you’re ordered to do. Those who make decision for the military are at issue. We will never know what decisions had been made by generals to the civilian arm of Defence. But I’m pretty sure that the majority of leadership are unhappy with the civilian leadership.

    I’d suggest you take many of the recommendations seriously. Iran certainly has a stake in a stable region.

    By the way, how are you and Cass doing?

  5. Josh

    Given Iran’s attitude and their hostility towards the Free World why should their stakes be considered at all? Why do we have to compromise with a country that wants our destruction.. oh and Israel’s too?

    Kas and I are doing great! (I sent you an e-mail with more details.)

  6. Steve Post author

    Yours is an argument for engagement. In addition, the Golan Heights issue is going to play a major role in the future.

  7. Josh

    Absolutely. Interstingly enough, Iran’s little “Holocaust Doesn’t Exist” party didn’t make them too many friends in Germania. Maybe some of the European countries will come around before it’s too late. (Yeah, right.)

    What scares me a little is Iran’s gall.. either they are incredibly stupid, or incredibly confident. All the more reason to go in there and give the nation back to the Iranians, who I heard actually held a public protest at one of “the President’s” (because I can’t spell his name) recent speeches. Good for them!

    And when we’re done with Iran, let’s see about North Korea (which admittedly is a bit touchy with China and Russia right there).

    I’m all for engaging evil and tyranny–always and often. That’s part of being an American.

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