The Cost of Higher Education

While I agree with the Hartford Courant in this editorial that the cost of a Community College education is a reasonable alternative, its other points are naive. The editors could read up on the economics of higher ed and find that even expensive colleges are still relatively cheap for the “real” outlay. Housing, technology, physical plants, salaries for people who do actual work, and all the other stuff that goes into the modern college costs a hell of a lot. If everyone sought the reasonable alternative, the reasonable alternative would have to “ask for more money to expand.”

The article also provides no evidence showing that students are “startled” at the price of their loans once they’ve graduated.

The editorial supplies this weird statement: “These debts drain money from the economy because it isn’t spent on goods and services that would help create more jobs.”

We could therefore make the argument that all college debt should be forgiven, as this would benefit the economy and be a boon for jobs. Fine by me.

It would seem from the article that the Hartford Courant would be advocating immediate health care reform as a means of assisting states with their budgets. Fine by me, too. The Courant editorial staff should be well aware that millions of dollars have been subtracted from our budgets and additional responsibilities added to the work load. To, therefore, argue about costs is irresponsible.