the rorschach element

This log’s going to be dealing a lot with space of mutiple kinds and a man named Wally Rorschach over the summer months. Wally Rorschach is the protagonist of a novel titled The Man who Fell into the Sky, which I’ve had on the back burner for a couple of years. Mentally speaking, at this point (there’s the spatial element) Wally is standing on the side of a road in Arizona wondering why one of his mates is laying naked on the south going lane, having already been “run over” by a truck and a semi. His name is Vesuvius. But no matter that. See the “subject” link Rorschach to follow along where the log goes on the subject of Wally.

Really, Wally fell into the sky. His son and daughter don’t like that idea at all. Nor do they like that there’s some guy in Ohio/Wyoming on a John Deer considering the notion of driving it cross-country. At this point (there’s that spatial thing again), I have no idea why. This log will attempt an answer in some cogent way.

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