Tunxis Poets

Jackie Majerus of the Bristol Press has a write-up on our excellent poet, Sara Nichols:

A Tunxis Community College student, Sarah Nichols, will be among the young poets from Yale, Trinity College, Wesleyan and other Connecticut colleges selected to showcase their work throughout the state.

Nominated by Tunxis English Professor Sally Terrell, Nichols was named one of five Connecticut student poets, a group that is part of the Connecticut Poetry Circuit. She’s the only community college student selected to take part in the college tour this year and the first ever from Tunxis.

We’re proud of Ms. Nichols, who has a fresh professionalism about her. Here’s Sara on her work:

Nichols said her poems are often focused on art and her interaction with it. She wrote one work about her reaction to the film, “No Country for Old Men.”

“It’s intended to be blackly humorous,” Nichols said.

Others, she said, are highly personal and are drawn from her own experiences.

One of those is about electro-convulsive therapy, often referred to as shock treatment, something she first had at age 18.

“I’ve gone through it many times since,” Nichols said, as treatment for depression. “Fundamentally it changed me. It changed my life. Writing it down, trying to make sense out of it in poetry, maybe it’s a way of putting it away.”

I’ve read the mentioned poem on “No Country for Old Men.” I say, go Sara! This Poetry Circuit business has been a real thrill.