Tunxis Stage

Drama is life exaggerated. What a thrill to see it in action at the college tonight. George Sebastian-Coleman with Patrice Hamilton performed three plays by Christoper Durang: The Book of Leviticus Show, Kitty the Waitress, and Funeral Parlor. In addition, we also had Patrice’s own short work, The Hail Mary Pass, to enjoy.

The actors were very good. Currie Ricci played a sensual Kitty. Amy DesRoches exposed the currents of bereavement in Funeral Parlor, Andrew Frederickson vulnerability as Jake in Hail Mary Pass, and Christine Rodrique awkward surprise at murder in Leviticus. But I thought Jim Revillini stole he show with interesting performances of Curt and Marcus. Energetic. Active. Natural.

Everyone did a great job.

I found the setup for the performances most intriguing. George arranged the audience around an intimate floor-level stage, with the first row of the fourth wall within easy reach of the actors and backdrop. The sets were effectively minimal, the lighting exquisite. The arrangement gave the impression that the audience was enclosed with the actors. Very interesting. Of course, this got me thinking about possibilities for hyperdrama.

We need much more of this at the college.

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