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So we have out CCSUers (I don’t mean to leave out the others, the Nehas, the Maureens, but this is one of those what’s going on posts) moving onto the next semester. But I’m wondering what they’re getting out of it all. What are the insights that Cindy’s been drawing from her experiences? What is catching the fancy of Christopher in his intensive study of history? What are the links between story, history, and interactive fiction?

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  1. Maureen

    In regard to the digital world and fiction…. This reminds me of the “extras” on the “Return of the King” DVD. [Extended]..They actually show you how they create the “digital” world [fictional world] of Tolkien..The Pelennor field, the fell beasts, the armies that do not exist in real life…

    It was fascinating to see the “pre-viz” work that begins the journey to creating a particular scene..there are so many layers to each scene..It is much more than just creating an oliphaunt [or Mumakil] lickety split..it is a long process…

    I would think that this is akin to the world of gaming..first there is the “pre-viz” work..then maybe they add motion-capture elements..to create the final game…I am not sure…Although, to me..the gaming world and the motion picture world are becoming more and more intertwined….

    Fascinating. :)

    Most Graciously,

    *A Mayde in her own little icy woode…

  2. Christopher

    Hmmm CCSU. What have I learned. I’ve learned that Red Tape grows at four year schools. I’ve learned that tenure is an evil thing nad helps to keep professors who can’t teach in positions.

    As for story, history and interactive fiction, thats a good question. I’ve been trying to develop a story idea for a new interactive work but I’m coming up with a blank so far.

    I’ve had some good classes and learned some good things but after a recent review of my IF work I’m looking for an idea that’s a little more unique.

  3. Cindy

    So far in my classes at CCSU I’ve had some very good teachers and some really bad ones…I won’t be truly happy until I’m in the education program and can start working fully towards my goal of being a teacher. Once I’m finished with the spring semester I’ll be mostly able to focus my time completely on English and literature.

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