up and coming

For the british liters. We will be covering Locke and Pope on Tuesday so come in prepped and ready. We are going to be focusing on what people have thought about the human sphere and the human condition in a sense in a context way beyond Beowulf.

Here’s a question: is all the knowledge that you could possibly learn already inside you just waiting to be found, uncovered, reasoned out?

4 thoughts on “up and coming

  1. Neha

    Im mortified. My blog server is down and I can’t get to the darn thing. I’ll have an answer for you as soon as it’s up and running again.

  2. susan

    Nope. It’s outside of us, hanging around in other people’s heads, in the earth, the sky, the universe. We just catch the right group of floaters and put them together logically, or accept the evidence or experience of those who have already figured some of it. So there it is, the world of knowledge according to Spinning Susan Gibb.

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