Updates and Rethinking

One of the problems with updating this space for the last couple of weeks is that I’ve been working elsewhere, behind the scenes with another weblog, in front using one as a course hub, and doing a whole bunch of thinking about RSS, library research work with some fabulous colleagues (R and A), and Ability-based education work–and all of this has taken me away from thinking through the weblog.

Now there’s more to think about. bbPress is moving and WP Multiuser is something to now reconsider. I’m also in an ecclectic space: where a common theme is difficult to organize thinking into. Hypertext, learning approaches, alternative approaches to classroom presentation, storage, novels–what is the common thread, if any?

One common issue is with the weblog as an effective organizer for teaching and its relation to other organizations at the college, such as the library. Feeding information out to college held weblogs is a good idea and can be done even at the research database level since we’ve been able to do pretty well placing search alerts from EBSCO into Vista course shells.

By the way, could someone send me Neha’s new URI?

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