violence, TV, and children

Via gamesutra. A recent study in Pediatrics on TV violence and parents’ monitoring habits concludes this:

There was variability in attitudes and practices regarding television violence viewing and monitoring among parents. Attitudes and practices varied on the basis of the age of the child and the gender of the parent.

The above comes from the abstract, since the actual article calls for cash. Question is, beside the profound conclusion above, how much is this information worth.

I’ve always been horrified and amused by the evening new’s typical promos: CAR CRASH ON — DETAILS AT 11PM. If it’s that important, why not NOW!


Pediatrics has to stay in business, sure, but as a matter of discussion how much should “staying informed” cost?

Just a snide thought.

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  1. gibb

    Perhaps some research, a formal study is called for. Something that would track the number of incidences to the number of people who had/had not read/seen a free/paid-only report.

    More to come…

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