Virtual Lettuce Head

I am now an official resident of Second Life. I’ve been looking for a virtual community to join for experiment purposes but hadn’t ever made the leap because I’m:

1. not into Lineage or WoW
2. unable to commit that much time
3. not crazy about the pay methods

Eve was a close choice. Second Life offers more of the kind of interaction I’m willing to experiment with: real object scripting and site manipulation. SL also offers a virtual world that can slowly materialize much like the way I think about story: start and let the thing happen at its own pace. It’s a rich world and if I do build there and make friends–already have one–then I can experiment with narrative building as a matter of implicit in-world logic.

I’m already thinking about in-world hypertext and patterns for learning.

On another note, I’ve noted this semester that I am less able to do school work during the weekends. The week days are as intense as they’ve ever been with numerous initiatives at the college. Weekends are now reserved for rejuvenation, rest, project play, and reading Milton till 1A.M..

2 thoughts on “Virtual Lettuce Head

  1. Sean

    I was thinking about trying Second Life. My concern is that it will be too “Sims” for me. I hope you post your thoughts on it.

    And I can’t seem to get school work done during the weekeds either. Damn football.

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