Wally and gas

Narrative to character tie-in. It is Wally who wonders about sunpower. Why? Because he has an “I’m being chased” personality. All his life. Had he been turning his head all this time because of an impression of foot-falls at his back? Maybe. Or maybe it’s something else. It’s not an “I’m being chased” it’s a “chase me” thing.

He turns to find out, “Am I being followed?” If not, why not? If not, “How to cause? And when I’m caught, then what?”

He knows he’s covered lots of ground in multiple dimensions. At Machu Picchu, he encountered a past and a present and a future and each must be “chased,” “known.” He carries all of these on his old back, even as he falls.

There’s lots of ground to cover. South to North and across the country. His daughter, Wanda, will follow, get close, loose him again, entering and exiting figures, symbols, birds, coiled snakes.