We’re Winning (Not)

From Steven Thomma

A majority of Americans think the United States isn’t winning the war on terrorism, a perception that could undermine a key Republican strength just as John McCain and Barack Obama head into their first debate Friday night, a clash over foreign policy and national security. A new Ipsos/McClatchy online poll finds a solid majority of 57 percent thinking that the country can win the war on terrorism but a similar majority of 54 percent saying that the country is NOT winning it.

Well, we’re no doing well on a couple of other fronts: stupidity and speculation, either. The fault here is not with strategy but with language. There is and has been no “war on terrorism” because such a grammatical object is false. You cannot fight metaphor. Such thinking can only be reactionary as the war would be lost with a single person’s act in some small out of the way place.

Still in bizarro world.