what ersinghaus is up to

Sunday, January 4th, 2004

For those interested, my lull follows to two plans, really three.

1. Preping for the Spring semester is involving the intro of a new conferencing system for online Intro to Lit so I’m taking time to familiarize myself with this program.

2. The break gives me quality time with my two kids and my wife, so I’m trying to get in as much play and fun as possible. My son enjoys watching me play PS2’s Spy Hunter, so we’re doing lots of driving.

3. I’m currently editing and rewriting a hypertext novel in Storyspace, which I need to get done because the summer, where much of my writing get’s done, isn’t going to permit much of this work. This is a daunting, detailed project, but loads of interesting fun. Storyspace is a simple, elegant, but massively powerful, and often too delicate, program. This novel is taking me into strange, scary, and multidimensional worlds.

2 responses to “what ersinghaus is up to”

  1. Neha says:

    Good to hear from you. Good luck with the novel. Hope you’re having loads of fun.

  2. gibb says:

    “This novel is taking me into strange, scary, and multidimensional worlds.”

    …where I’m sure you feel completely at home.