Weird Places

I find myself in an odd place. I’m projectless. That’s not the right word and its not really true. I have a new novel in the works, but I can’t really get to any of it at the moment. We have the comp game to work on but that’s too complicated to even look at without total concentration. The Ability-based learning model is basically on a roll and now just demands normal proceedings. The hardlabor kitchen stuff is done, cabinets in, floor laid, so now it’s time to enjoy. AS work proceeds, but I have nothing large or challenging to do with it and Masters of Flash isn’t really getting the juices going.

There’s student work to evaluate, but that’s part of the normal proceeding. I have no games to play, nothing to sit and work through at the moment, and this is just an odd feeling. There should be something to do, but I’m stuck. No hypertext to write or edit. Lots to read, but that just means there’s lots to read.

So, I’m writing this post as “the something” to do at this moment. AI seems to be something to go after with ActionScript, but at this moment, right now, I’m wondering what.

So there.