A few Congratulations

Here’s a link to June Noble’s story recently published in Vitality Magazine. In the article she details a powerful struggle against Lupus. June is a member of the Narratives group and an all around good kid. We value her contributions and have enjoyed her in class. A snip

As if on rebound from withdrawal, I awoke one morning and noticed a large red mark on one cheek. Assuming it was from sleeping on that side, I thought no more about it, but by the time I arrived at work there was a matching redness on the other cheek. The dreaded butterfly mask of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus had suddenly appeared. The mystery of my red nose was solved and the mystery of my illness was finally becoming clear.

In addition, Patrice Hamilton’s short film The Long Weekend will be among the showings at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival. TLW was hard work for lots of good people and the product is a real gem. The date is November 12th at 2PM at Village East Cinemas.