about what we haven’t learned yet

Susan writes in the comment area pertaining to an apology:

“Maybe it’s the way I was raised and taught until I developed my own set of standards based on those teachings and experience with them, but for some reason, I still respect authority figures. No, we can’t always trust them, but what the fuck do students know about something they haven’t learned yet?”

Beowulf is certainly respectable. Here’s a question: do we learn more in or outside of school? When we are exchanging views here and elsewhere, this ain’t school. It’s better.

1 thought on “about what we haven’t learned yet

  1. Susan

    Well thanks, Teach. All my pretty words and you choose these to highlight in red.

    Depending upon one’s life span, more is learned out of school. Schooling provides the basics that are necessary to progress to higher levels both while in school and beyond. On the very simple level, if one cannot read, one will not do as well in life outside of the educational environment either. The learning process goes on throughout one’s life. If D’s and F’s are one’s scholastic standing, than it would indicate the level of intelligence,desire to progress, openness to discover and retain, and attitude that is not magically going to change in the world beyond college. One will lose out on just as much of what the outside world can teach as what one may be currently dismissing as useless trivia in the classroom.

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