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I am a game designer and the founder of I am looking for individuals interested in working with me on game development projects (from simple, single-player games to more complex, multi-user games). With flexible deadlines, fun projects, and an opporunity to earn shares in an exciting enterprise, this is great opporunity for anyone looking to build their portfolio, expand their skills or get into game development.

2 thoughts on “Games and jobs

  1. susan

    “I am looking for Flash, Shockwave and Java programmers to help develop the games, web developers to help me build websites, translators to help me release the games in other languages, graphic artists to help me design art for the games, and promoters to help spread the word about the wesbite.”

    Alas, but no writers! Too bad, they might need them…wesbite?

  2. Steve Post author

    Remember that this is a new media context. Good writing and communication is a built in.

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