Aura and digital space

Aura describes a sort of horizon, a circle of definable space but whose detail and reach is ambiguous. In IF a room is structural device: we know we are in rooms, as in the space outside an Inn. This is a room, but it isn’t experienced as one. As noted, there is the suggestion of distance, a hint at an ability to penetrate, but what does the distance look like: is there a wood line, evening clouds, breaks in the snow. We have an Inn, a post, a few directions.

Aura is what we add to fill in the picture on our own, the spatial fill-ins we bring to the digital world.

1 thought on “Aura and digital space

  1. Neha

    It seems to me that we (humans) can’t explain or live with “nothingness.” We have a need to create an illusion of belongingness, i.e. space. Space means security; an identity. So, would this mean that we’re always looking for an identity? To make this spin completely out of control, is every action unwittingly geared towards discovering of the “self”? Forgive me if I have blinders on.

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