(beyond) text

As I consider hypertext more and more in a global context–writing a story in Storyspace places the tool, concept, and writing process at the center of things. After a writer completes a story in Word, do they have dreams of the “system”?–I ask more and more questions about synthesis and effect.

Where will we be in 5 years? What will I be staring at and touching (clicking?)?What will happen to the weblogs and the “poems that go”? I want to be able to walk into the hypertext and change it from the inside yet make something physical.

1 thought on “(beyond) text

  1. gibb

    Is it enduring if it is ever changing in its form? I tend to cling to things, seeking some stability yet lured by the unknown. What parts do we take with us, and what happens to what is left behind, sometimes not even explored because we took another path?

    This concerns me as one who suffers from a malady of directional dysfunction, and adds an element of getting lost that comes with every journey; an element both of fear and anticipation of surprise.

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