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On How to do a Number on an Elbow

On Monday, I fell back on the basement stairs and broke my ulna, cracking it clean in half. Luckily I had R to rush to the emergency room for support and assistance, meeting me there as I got off the EM truck. She is fantastic and now must put up with a one armed person for a few months. Not a good time for this, end of the semester and all, lots of plants to plant and papers to grade.

In any event here’s to R!

Theme Testing with Bootstrap

I’ve been playing with a new theme over at the test blog. It’ll soon become the default. It uses the Bootstrap framework on top of WordPress. This isn’t newfangled, but it is an interesting exercise. The test comes with three examples of use (I was too lazy to make a link back from the My Work page). The barebones weblog acts as the front page. Secondly, there’s a My Work link to a custom page template linked via the wordpress dash, which uses a custom template and a custom header, made available via get_header( “custom-header” ). The third test is a custom template with a simple navigation bar which hacks to link pages inside a bootstrap container.

For me, navs have always been a pain in the ass, especially when they involve wp_list_pages. I don’t need them on my own setup but I’d like to understand how to code the automation into the Bootstrap’s variety of designs. When I place list-pages into a bootstrap ul I get a bulleted horizontal list of pages. When I use the div nav inside ul navbar nav the navigation works but just looks cheap.

It would seem as if wp_list_pages could go into any ul without fault. But I’m not good enough yet to sort through the dilemma. I just don’t like holes or saying something like, “I’ll figure that out later.”

What’s I’ve found valuable here is the possibility for solid web artifacts that can draw from numerous systems.

Of course, the placeholders are little images of Carianne Garside’s artwork.