Design Bits

Just tried out this bit from Infinity and was astounded by the difference in quality from another I own. I practiced the routing on a piece of soft wood and the bit–six tools in one–sliced through the stock like butter. It’s big, sharp, and much heavier than my wife’s cell phone.

Comparisons are instructive here. One bit may struggle through the wood because it isn’t balanced enough or heavy enough, while another, about the same cost, reflects another kind of thinking, strategy, and study. Thousands of years of thinking can be reflected in that one object, including the physics of rotating objects. Machine thinking is an important human quality, especially if it respects the thinking potential of the user, not just his or her motions through space. It makes no difference whether it’s software, saws, buildings, or a national policy or law.

Yes, the bad guy is dead. The design of that destruction, however, leads where? Perhaps unforseen mistakes of aim.