Digital Story and Language

John and I completed our first session with the students enrolled in the Tunxis China Institute. Mornings they work on Mandarin. Afternoons they’re with us, developing short digital stories on the themes “Who am I” and “Who are We” for counterparts in China. I can see wonderful connections here for learning language, since in our version of digital storytelling much of the concentration is on the interpretation of the personal and spatial. Some of this will deal with the basics: sport, music, lost objects. These will also have meaning in Chinese. Loads of interesting possibilities here for teaching, learning, and making relationships.

What are those things in that photograph? Now what are they in Chinese?

1 thought on “Digital Story and Language

  1. susan

    How interesting–though in seeking info in the catalog I found nothing to describe this course. The intensity of learning a new language as well as the new language of digital story methods must be difficult.

    What caught my attention in particular is your choice of theme and reminded me of the simplicity and viewpoint of my ten year-old niece’s poem I recently had the opportunity to read.

    Please do let us know what happens as this course develops.

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