Congratulations go to Susan Gibb who’s been promoted to Director of the writing arts at the Fine Arts Connection of Thomaston, Connecticut. In this position she’ll be able to promote her interests in traditional and digital arts from the ground up, where, I believe, swells need to occur and are most valuable.

The technical nature of the digital arts isn’t really the problem or the solution. It’s the promotion of fine work of whatever form and of whatever flavor and by whomever wishes to engage them. In hypertext, for example, we shouldn’t bother so much with the tech but, rather, with simple questions: should storytelling, which serves the needs of the community, take priority over snappy graphics, which can either get in the way or weigh too much in the favor of candy over substance? We always should argue for a balance: excellent telling, excellent art, excellent whatever.

Susan is the perfect pick: her energy, knowledge, and persistence can enflame.

Good luck and congrats.

6 thoughts on “Director

  1. gibb

    Thanks, Mary Ellen! It’s definitely going to be a challenge. Hey…you don’t live in the general area of Thomaston and want to join a really neat writing group, do you? General area includes a fifty-mile radius!

  2. Mary Ellen

    50 miles puts me just about anywhere–I’m in Berlin. Sell me on your writing group. I like mine a lot; we go out to eat, go shopping, go to the movies, lament the states of our lives… Not much writing, though!

  3. susan

    This is going to be a different form of writing group–and it will be fun! Aside from members gaining the usual benefits of camaraderie, support and inspiration, it will act as a group to be active within the community, bringing the various mediums to their attention and entertainment. I’ll be coming up with a flyer/brochure and website soon on this and will put you on the mailing list. No obligations–but I think folks will want to belong here.

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