Editors and Splashing

I’m back into Dreamweaver as my code editor. But I still like hand-coding for some reason, though Dw just makes it easier to figure out why I screwed it up.

We also have somewhat of a bead on a Flash or SVG generated Storyspace file rendering machine. This will take some time though and it will be an interesting thing to try. Flash is getting pretty darned complicated though.

It will be back to Brimmer soon. I want to get a little splash it’s coming soon thing up and will also be working on the story in Literatronic: Brimmer and Death, a Storyspace, Literatronic project. That sounds pretty good. If things look good, this technos collaboration may form the basis for a new novel, titled at the moment Canyon Fall, the story of Wally Rorschach’s chase across the continent, closely followed by his daughter, who’s closely followed by a reporter, and after them, is, of course, the reader.

In the mean time, my schedule is a little daunting.