Energy Experiments


We had our wood stove insert installed today.

We usually keep all of the thermostats at 65, with some set at 67 for morning time. But the goal is to heat the house with the stove so that we save oil. The last delivery is the kind that shrinks the throat to the circumference of a straw. We got the thing started and in a little bit of time the living room went from 65 to 70 then 75 then up to 78, and now the remainder of the lower floor of the house is at 69, a nice grace distance beyond the 65 constant. We also turned the central air fan on to assist in distributing air.

Hopefully, we can keep the boiler from coming on enough to promote sustainable heat. Burning wood is a pretty good deal as the carbon footprint, if the burning is good, is even with a log or tree’s natural disintegration. With necessary felling and cleanup come March we should have a lot of wood ready for the next few years.