Enrique Peñalosa on Choice

This is interesting from The Tyee, via the Project for Public Spaces

“Bogota has demonstrated that it is possible to make dramatic change to how we move around our cities in a very short timeframe,” he said. “It’s simply a matter of choosing to do so. We could improve our air quality and dramatically reduce our emissions anytime we want. It’s easy to do. For example, we can improve the capacity of our existing bus system without adding a single bus. All it would take is a can of paint, and you’d have dedicated bus lanes. It doesn’t require huge amounts of money. It simply requires a choice.”

One reason why knowledge of the world is important is this notion of choice. On many of my drives home I wonder about sidewalks, front porches, and loneliness.

In my Composition course this summer, the students have been thinking about space, communities, and urban life. But will they think big enough in their proposals?