fiction journeys

I think our journey through Adam Cadre’s Photopia is going quite well. As I observe the progress what impresses is the different stories that come from the experience. We talk in groups about IF differently than we do about Cortazar. We talk about what is behind Alley’s story; we talk about the programmer as story-teller or fiction writer. We talk about the computer interface. We talk about frustration. “I lost the seed pod.” Can one, as a reader, loose Persky’s box. It is Kuglemass who’s trapped in the Spanish text. We remain at the reader’s remove, safe (define?), watching Tsun traverse the labyrinth, and we wonder at the garden. But in Photopia we can get lost in the box and we try as many commands as “we can imagine” to free ourselves from the underwater castle. But can we prevent the tragedy?

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