Flash Intro

In Digital Narrative, we’ve moved on to Flash. We have four weeks to create a banner and a short narrative. We opened with the interface and some basic animation principles and some discussion of object properties, such as color and size. But even that is incredibly intense.

Tuesday night: multiple content layers, more on properties and data types and object positioning.

Then we build the banner.

Overall, it’s also been an intense three weeks of teaching, which is why I haven’t been posting here. I’ve added lots of student presentations leading to discussions that wouldn’t have developed without students taking more control of the content and preparing more for sessions. I sit back and watch and probe when necessary.

But I’ve been waiting a long time to actually teach Flash. With Flash, despite the complexity, we can probe deeper into classes and objects and, best of all, the necessity of planning and preparation prior to even touching the library.

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  1. Jesse

    I might actually take a few more classes in the next semester. Digitally creating things in Flash is something that appeals to me.

    How complex are the presentations and banners your students are creating?

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