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From a recent House Committee on Science report

Chairman Inglis added that he was concerned about proposed funding reductions in NSF’s educational activities. “I wonder about the cuts in math and science education, and indications that some NSF activities may be ‘migrating’ to the Department of Education. The NSF has a passion for excellence, while the Department of Education is arguably focused on proficiency. Passion isn’t easily transferred.”

Testifying before the Subcommittee were Dr. Arden Bement, Director of NSF; Dr. Mark Wrighton, Chairman of the Audit and Oversight Committee of the National Science Board and Chancellor of Washington University in St. Louis; and Dr. Christine Boesz, Inspector General of NSF.

Following the witnesses’ oral testimony, Members of the Subcommittee questioned the panel about the proposed funding levels for FY 2006, including requested cuts to math and science education. Members also highlighted ongoing concerns regarding the proposed transfer to NSF of funding responsibility for icebreaking activities in the Antarctic Ocean. Also discussed during the hearing were management challenges facing NSF, including workforce planning and post-award management.

Dr. Bement testified that the proposed funding increase for NSF is reflective of the Administration’s confidence in the agency and the importance to the U.S. economy of NSF’s investments in research and development. “At a time when many agencies are looking at budget cuts, an increase in our budget underscores the Administration’s support of NSF’s science and engineering programs, and reflects the agency’s excellent management and program results.”

I don’t think this is going to make Inglis so happy.

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