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The glh is trying, or attempting, to cover four courses in this space including the addition of notes pertaining to a reading group entry and, later on, discussions of hypertext. It’s a lot to cover. The cats are set. Composition posts will go under “rhetoric,” British Literature under “British Literature,” Creative Writing under “writing.”

I see the comp course, both comp 1 and comp 2, as fitting into the large heading of rhetorical theory, under the broader header “how do we persuade and do we explain and why.”

In comp we’re starting with a fundamental process that will fit into a time scheme of about six weeks for the first paper so that we can kill two birds with one stone: lots of discussion of developing ideas and enough analysis to work in some concepts necessary to grow on for later work.

1. Topic development and using a procedure for working to a finished work.

2. Analysis of concepts.

The concepts for those students who are going be trickling in around here will come in mutiple forms: what forms of persuasion will we be after in the course, studying in other words; how definition forms a foundation for disputation, analysis, and connecting with an audience and understanding their needs; and textual analysis.

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  1. gibb

    Your new organization method helps, and I appreciate it. Now when I don’t understand what you’re talking about I’ll just switch to a different category. Thank you.

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