HDMI and Wire Strangle

So, we recently upgraded to a DVR. I figured why go with 5 component cables into the TV when you could just use one. I didn’t know that HDMI would force an analogue signal to 4:3 aspect and so we now have 2 HDMI cables going into the TV, on top of the 5 component, then A/V cable out to the speakers. We must also scroll through the inputs when seeking the proper signal. Does anyone have suggestions? I want less cabling not more.

3 thoughts on “HDMI and Wire Strangle

  1. Mike

    I’m sort of perplexed as to your setup without seeing it, but it sounds like there’s an over-kill in routing. I assume you have an HDTV from the employment of HDMI cables, so there should be no 4:3 produced from a hardware configuration associated with your equipment. I’d use component video out to the TV, and run L & R audio directly to your stereo. What are your other inputs being used for? HD-DVD?

  2. Steve Post author

    Mike, I could certainly run component from the cable box to the TV. That’s the way I had it set up before. But I don’t want to do that.

    We have HDMI running from the dvd player to the TV, a/v out to decent computer speakers, components from box to TV to cover the analogue signal, and another HDMI to TV to take care of HD. HDMI really stabilizes the HD signal. Problem is HDMI with analogue really looks like crap. Components I would say are still a more stable technology.

  3. Mike

    Well, after trying to picture your complex jungle I think the only reasonable resolution here is setting up centralization within the system to reduce cluster and improve overall control.

    Some of the home theater receivers coming to the market to pamper the HD revolution are mind-blowing, and becoming evermore necessary as complexity of the technology evolves. Prices can be intimidating but are following the downward trend into attainable territory.

    A good receiver will act as your dashboard: routing all of your cables and assorted connections to fewer outputs and a controllable environment. Look around; I’m sure you’ll be happier with a nice surround setup rather than your current computer speakers. Check out some A/V forums for specific advice, or trust the sketchy kid at Best Buy and his inTRAnet prices.

    If this all sounds like too much [money, technology, American excess]: you’re right. But god, it is worth it.

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