How the Fool Teaches

Lear says: “Why, no, boy; nothing can be made out of nothing.”

That’s how the fool teaches.

Kent senses that the fool may not be so much a fool. Then the fool says

No, faith, lords and great men will not let me; if
I had a monopoly out, they would have part on’t:
and ladies too, they will not let me have all fool
to myself; they’ll be snatching. Give me an egg,
nuncle, and I’ll give thee two crowns.

A few lines later, Lear’s questions begin

Doth any here know me? This is not Lear:
Doth Lear walk thus? speak thus? Where are his eyes?
Either his notion weakens, his discernings
Are lethargied–Ha! waking? ’tis not so.
Who is it that can tell me who I am?

The Fool responds

Lear’s shadow.