Hypertext and Community

All of the above, but that’s not much help, and I’ve been a failure at initiative and actual production.

I suggest a wiki to start. An initial project would be to start collecting links to important articles and student work, links to systems, theory and critical ideas. Then a works collection and areas on publication and distribution ecology. I’d call the wiki and the journal “hypertext ecology.” Ecology is the word I’ve been looking for.

A wiki would be a great idea and we’ve had some jumps but then slow downs. We have wiki software ready for building at the college.

A journal would help to bring things together and keep what’s current talking to foundations.

A society. A network.

Definitely a dinner party and a strategy meeting. Despite busyness, pressing things that just have to get done this year and over the Spring, one of the issues that has gotten in the way is a model. But can the ecology of hypertext be a driving force?

Tweets will help, too.

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