Hypertext and Space

Here’s an issue. In trying to understand a perceived weakness in a sectional story arc in Sandoval, as he’s working the hypertext to generate story and illustration of certain pet ideas of his, I keep wondering when certain dramatic issues should declair themselves. The answer should come from the creative drive of the writing, but often I have to break out of Sandoval and think “out” of him.

In some ways it’s a spatial question. 5 or 10 text spaces: is that the arc span? Sandoval dealt with the night lab issue by thinking about “what happened” and somehow a relationship between two other characters came from it in the illusion of creative performance, a relation that only became known because this and that actually happened in the story. (But I could be speaking still as Sandoval, or as Ejay Mariposa).

Space and pulse (time and rhythm) are thus concurrences. In other words, 10 text spaces could form the width of a poem in hypertext or the width of a necessary event in a character’s life.

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  1. susan

    I would assume that the episode starts with a catalyst of some sort and ends when it’s resolved, regardless of text boxes or paragraphs. It’s hard to see when not seen in context of story.

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