Hypertext and Time

The context is time for Sandoval in The Life. And environment. In session today, which was hard to get out of, Sandoval was trying to fix a POV problem, a POV problem that had to do with verbs.

I’m still trying to fix a pulse problem with the plot of the novel in a certain area and a lot of the fix as it’s developing has to do with Sandoval referring to links, as if he’s going to time the pace of the action against various references to hypertextuality itself–these are time references, since each text space in the hypertext could very easily connect to out-of-sequence instances which could vary or play with the theme of time. Hypothetically, I could drum up a scene:

Let’s say we have a first person POV and he’s describing how as a boy he leaves one house and ventures through the woods to another house to play with midnight labs (this sentence is a revision). When did this happen? “One time I . . .” Or “A few weeks into winter I . . .” Rather than think of this as a flashback, the POV treats it as a necessary step toward a culmination, and since the link has yet to be woven into context, “flashback” is premature. One reading of the novel would be flashback, while another reading of the novel would resort the event as an outcome of cause and effect. (The fact that he’s at the kennel at the moment and I don’t know what happens there is POV at its most bothersome–although, now that I think of it, only moments ago rewriting sentence 1 of this paragraph, a solution has presented itself: midnight labs.)